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It can be difficult as a busy corporate professional to lose weight on your own, while trying to produce your best work.

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Why CBT Weight Loss Is Your Answer

You're trying to lose weight and have enough energy to advance professionally. We'll show you how to lose weight without burning out.

How To Crush The Vicious Stress Eating Cycle

CBT is the most effective way to reprogram cravings, behaviours and triggers causing you to stress eat and lose daily productivity.

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Discover Your Next Best Weight Loss Steps

We'll review your options and, together, determine the best solution for helping you lose weight while you transform your career!

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What our clients say about Adele Wellness CBT Weight Loss Programs

"Adele Wellness individual CBT weight loss program had the encouragement and support critical to my success.

Over my 20 year career as a lawyer, the slow gain of a pound or two a year finally caught up with me. As I approached my mid 40s, I wanted to enter the next phase of my life in better health and with more energy. With Adele’s coaching and nutritional guidance I exceeded my health and fitness goals. My weight loss totaled 80lbs, my overall cardiovascular risk was reduced and my fitness level is now above average for my age group. In addition, I have been able to pursue an active squash program without strain or injury.



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Adele Wellness practitioners are true magicians. In all my years of struggling with my weight, never have I had a weight loss coach or program as effective this.

I discovered a healthy and reasonable approach to eating that I actually absorbed without much effort. The Adele Wellness plan was fluid and tailored specifically to me, and throughout this journey I never felt hungry or deprived. My Adele Wellness plan was truly a lifestyle change and this is the first time I feel confident about being able to keep the weight off despite dozens of failures in the past.  I am grateful to Adele Wellness and know that they can help anyone become a healthy, happy and fit person.




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